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An Infant Pullover: Knit Your First Garment out of Squares or Rectangles

October 7th, 2017

Hey Knitters,

By now you are ready create and  sketch a drawing of your first garment  to start your project.Follow the steps-by-step instructions  in this article  and you will be on your way to becoming a designer.  Make your swatch out of the yarn selected for your garment.   Wash the swatch and lay it flat to try.

Complete all the calculations for your garment. If you are knitting a sweater, calculate the width and length of your garment to figure out how many rows need and how many stitches you need to cast on your needle. For instance, measure the:

Front and back

Armhole depth

Upper armhole

Armhole depth


Neck opening

This may seem a little confusing. So, I have provided a simple knitting project for those who want to start out with something easy. This project consists of knitting two squares or triangles to make an infant’s sleeveless pullover.

All you need to do now choose the type of yarn, the style of stitch and needles to use for your garment.  However, I have listed the items needed to knit this pullover.


Some factors you will need to know to knit this pullover:

1.      The bust/chest measurement 16″

2.      The length 10″

3.      The armhole depth 3 1/4″

4.      The measurement for the neck opening 4 1/4″

5.      The ease that is needed to add to get the required fit 2, 3 or 5 and up.

For future reference, the ease is only added to the bust/chest, hip, armhole, upper armhole, thigh, wrist and ankle. However, for a standard fit add 2 inches, a loose fit add 3 inches and for a baggy fit add 5 inches and up.

This pullover is knitted in a garter stitch with size 5 knitting needles.

Knit a swatch gauge with 20 stitches per 4 inch and 36 rows per 4 inch and do the math.

Start with the bust/chest measurement of a 6 month old infant which is 16” then add 2 stitches (16”+2= 18”) for the ease. The bust now equals 18”.  Divide this measurement by 2 to equal 9.

Using the number stitches (20) from your swatch gauge multiply that number by 9 the bust measurement then divide the total number by 4. This will give you the cast on stitches then add 2 edge or selvage stitches for both ends of your garment seams.

Work the calculation to find the number of rows for the pullover by dividing the number of rows by the length of the garment.


20 * 9= 180

180/4= 45 stitches per 4 inch

45 +2 =47 stitches


36 * 10 = 360

360/4 = 90 rows

Now that hard work is out of the way the only thing you need to do is start knitting.

Use   Baby Soft sport weight yarn from Lion Brand and cast on 47 stitches to your needle.

Square or Rectangle

Cast on 47 stitches and knit in garter stitch until you reach 90 rows then bind off and do the same for the other square or rectangle.  Lay both the squares on a flat surface.

Center and mark off the neck opening (4 1/4″) and sew the shoulder seams.  Measure down from the shoulder (3 1/4″) for the armhole depth then sew up the side seams. Wash and block the garment and let dry complete.

You have now completed your first knitted garment — a sleeveless pullover.

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