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Beginner Knitting Tips

January 31st, 2018

Hey Knitters,

Listed below are some knitting tips that all knitters can use in one form or another.


1. Before you start knitting read the entire pattern. The first reason for this procedure is to find mistakes in the pattern. The second and most important reason is to know whether or not you understand the pattern instructions.

2. When knitting a sweater with or without a swatch gauge, knit the back panel first.  This way if you make any mistakes you can make corrections or adjustments in the front left and right panels of the sweater.

3. To avoid most seams knitting your project with circular knitting needs.   This method is also known as knitting in the round.

4. To make you’re knitting project or creative design as simple or easy as possible start by knitting vintage patterns. Vintage pattern are simple, easy and also very inspirational.

5. When knitting from a pattern never change the weight of the yarn. For example, do not use a 3 ply yarn instead of a 4 ply yarn. Using a lighter weight yarn will cause your project to have a different shape and size from the original pattern. However, you can substitute and use other yarn with the same weight or ply. Also, look at the gauge of the substitute yarn to see if it matches the gauge given in the pattern instructions.  If the gauge doesn’t match then use smaller knitting needles.

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