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Buttonholes made Easier

April 10th, 2018

Hey Knitters,

Making a buttonhole is easy if you know the steps. However, some knitters may prefer not to put buttonholes or buttons on knitted garment for certain reasons. For example, they might think the sweater or vest looks better without buttons or they prefer to use Velcro strips for convenience.  For those of you who want to learn about knitting buttonholes.  We will begin with the buttonholes that are worked over one row.


Buttonhole Instructions

Knit to the area where the first buttonhole will be located then start your buttonhole of the right side.

1.     Place the yarn to the front of the garment then slip the next stitch purlwise from the left hand needle to the right-hand needle.  Then return the yarn to the back of the garment and keep it in that position. * Slip the next stitch and then pass the stitch that was previously slipped over repeat from * until all the stitches for the buttonhole is completed. This is the last step for the bottom row of the buttonhole:  Place the last bound off stitch back on the left hand needle. Turn garment.


2.     With yarn to the back of the garment work cable cast on: The cable cast- on is used when a knitter needs to add stitches within the garment that is knitted.

Begin by * inserting the right hand needle between the first and second stitch on the left hand needle, wrap the yarn around as if the knit.  Pull the loop through and  then position the loop on the left hand needle repeat from * until the upper  length of the buttonhole matches the length of the  bottom buttonhole including 1 extra bound off stitch. Turn garment.

3.     Place yarn to the back of the garment. Slip the first stitch from the left hand needle then pass the rest of the cable cast-on stitches over it.

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