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KnitProPlus Pattern Design Service:Chart Graphing

July 16th, 2017

Hey Knitters,

Here is a program for knitters who want to knit graph pictures. It is called the KnitProPlus and the website is http://www.theknittingsite.com/knitpro/. This KnitProPlus pattern design service can be downloaded to your computer. The program will create a pdf file of the image downloaded.

This program allows you to use an image of any subject, for instance, a picture of a favorite person or thing.   From there download image into the program; transfer the illustration into a knitted graph. This site has a grid of tiny, small, regular, big or extra large settings. Other features of the KnitProPlus are the stitch sizes gauge, which creates knitting, crossstitch and crochet pattern graph. Also this program can input a custom stitch size for a tension square, gauge for stitches per 4” (10cm) and a gauge for rows per 4” (10cm). So, download the KnitProPlus and start knitting graph of your picture, logos or clip art.

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