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Knitting 101 Cheat Sheet

October 30th, 2018


Hey Knitters,

Are you looking for a way to knit garments quicker? Maybe you’re a beginning knitter unsure about how to graft a seam to match stitches. Here’s some great news! You no longer have to figure out how to graft to match stitches. Instead of having an app for that, there’s a knitting cheat sheet.


The cheat sheet comes from u-createcrafts.com. It created a cheat sheet for crochet first. Of course, it had to give a lot of love to knitters too. This cheat sheet helps you make your garments easier. Do you want to know when to decrease or increase without trying to do the hard work?

Look at the cheat sheet to determine when to knit and purl. Click on the link below to get the cheat sheet you need. Don’t worry. No one is going to know but you that you “cheated" when making your special gifts.