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Leftover Yarn ussed for Patchwork Garments (knitting)

March 20th, 2018

Hey Knitters,

This simple patchwork knitting is great for creating beautiful bedspreads, shawls, mats, Jerseys and skirts. For your patchwork garment use leftover yarn or purchase a variety of colors that will enhance the shape or feel to your final knitwear. Patchwork knitting uses knitted many other shapes. However, the following example creates individual squares and triangles.

1.    Knit a square any size you want with the yarn of your choice and work out the number of stitches and row (also called the tension or gauge) to work out your triangle.

2.    Lay the knitted square on a flat surface. Measure and mark diagonally across the center of the square from one point to the other creating a line called A to A. View the example of the square and the marking on the sample above.

3.     To obtain the base width of the triangle measure from point B to B then use the tension/gauge to figure out the number of rows needed to shape the  sides of the triangle to the center point

4.    Calculate how many stitches are need to decrease on the given number of rows to shape the triangle.

5.    To the create an even shape slope on both sides of the triangle perform one of the following tasks:

  • Decrease two stitches at each end of every row

  • Decrease each end of every other row or

  • Decrease on any set number of rows (every 2nd or 6th row)

6.   Knit the decreases until all of the stitches are worked off to form a triangle.

7.  Sew the triangles together to form your own pattern.


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