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Man-made tricks: How to split a thick yarn into several yarns

August 13th, 2017

Hey Knitters,

I found an article that I think most knitters would want to know about. It is called “Man-made tricks, How to split a thick yarn into several yarns.” The name of the website is Наш дом or Our House.

The article was in another language; so I had to translate it into English. The steps to making more strands of yarn out of one is not complicated at all, it is rather simple. Just follow the instructions listed and you will have multiple threads of yarn. For the original website go to:


Amateurs of knitting small Amigurumi toys often need to divide the thick yarn into several threads.

I want to share with you my method.

It is not always possible to have an assistant next to you, which will help rewind the second ball, and constantly pin the ball with a pin and spin the thread for the patient!

So, if you have a hose of thick yarn of the right color, but not satisfied with your thickness, you can always rewind it by dividing the existing thread into two or three (of course, provided that our yarn is multi-threaded and not fluffy).

I needed a yarn for the No. 1 hook of beige color. In the presence of a suitable color, only Jeans from YarnArt (55% cotton, 45% acrylic, 50gr./ 160 m.) Was found, but its thickness was twice as thick as I needed for knitting my Baba Yaga:

In order to unwind the glomerulus, we will need:

1. The yarn itself, which needs to be divided, I have it – Jeans (note that it is twisted from four thin threads).

2. Sleeve from food film or foil.

3. Stationery.

4. Polyethylene bag.

How to split a thick yarn into several yarns

Sequence of work:

1. Place a ball of yarn in a bag.

2. Leave the thread sticking out of it.

3. Tie the top of the bag with an elastic band. Pay attention, you should tighten the bag with a rubber band tightly enough that the thread is stretched out of it with a little effort, i.e. if you take the yarn by the tip, it will hang and will not arbitrarily stretch.

How to split a thick yarn into several yarns

4. Divide the end of the yarn protruding from the bag into the desired number of threads – 2-3 (I have 2) and wind it on the sleeve at a sufficient distance from each other.

How to split a thick yarn into several yarns

5. Proceed to uncoil the skein by hanging a bag of yarn in the air so that it freely rotates (because the threads in the yarn are twisted together, the rotation of the bag will occur spontaneously). It is best to do this while standing or sitting on a high chair. Thread the thumbs from the inside; twist the sleeve away from yourself, pulling the divided thread into separate hoses.

How to split a thick yarn into several yarns

In the course of this procedure, the thread in the bag may get confused, there’s nothing wrong with that, you just need to do a small hole in the top of the bag, take out the tangle, untangle the thread and put the ball back into the bag. The hole in the bag does not interfere with the unwinding process.

The process of dividing yarn, of course, is not quick, but this method helps to cope with it alone and do not permanently pin the pin with a pin to untwist the thread, as it usually does.

After the ball is unwound, you just need to wind the coiled threads from the bushing. So at us from one skein of a thick yarn it will turn out two hanks thin.

I hope my experience will come in handy!

The workshop “Bald cat” shared it.

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