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Stitch of the Week:3 Stitch Twist Mock Cable

April 1st, 2017

Hey Knitters,

Take a look at this lovely 3Stitch Twist Mock Cable knitting stitch. The stitch is worked in knit and purl stitches that produce panels. This stitch is easy to maneuver so you can just about knit any garment from blankets to shawls. You can also find the pattern stitch at the website http://www.theweeklystitch.com/2017/02/3-stitch-twist-mock-cable.html.

Pattern Instructions

Cast on 7 stitches (per panel)

Rows 1 and 3: (WS) k2, p3, k2
Row 2: p2, k3, p2
Row 4: p2, knit into 3rd stitch on left needle, then knit into the second stitch, and finally knit into the first stitch, dropping all three from left needle, p2

Repeat these four rows for the pattern