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Stitch of the Week:Triple Wave Stitch

November 16th, 2013


Hey knitters,

The Triple Wave is a panel stitch. This stitch is knitted on a background of stockinette stitches.  The knitted pattern look great on scarves, vests or even sweaters. Moreover, the Triple Wave Stitch is very easy to knit and is a great pattern stitch for beginners.

Knit Stitch (K)

Purl Stitch (P)

Stockinette   Stitch (st st)   knit one row. Purl one row.

Case on 14 stitches plus extra stitches for the background of stockinette stitches. For example, case on 10 stitches, 14 stitches for the Triple Wave Stitch panel, then an additional 10 stitches—34 stitches total. Use the   example above as a swatch gauge to practice on before attempting to knit any garment.

Pattern Instructions


Row1: Right Side): p3, k8, p3.   

Row2:  [k1, p1] twice, k2, p2, k2, [p1, k1] twice.

Row 3: k3, p2, k3, p3.

Row4: k1, p1, k1, p8, k1, p1, k1.

Row 5: 3 k1, p2, k2, p2, k1, p3 6.

Row 6: p1, k1, p3, k2, p3, k1, p1, k1.

Repeat rows 1through 6 for stitch pattern.

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