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The Two Stitch Garter Pattern Stitch

January 21st, 2018

Hey Knitters,

Here is a very unique stitch called the two stitch garter stitch. It is great for beginners. This pattern consists of three steps and is done in a knit stitch pattern. This stitch pattern would look beautiful on sweaters, on vests, or jackets. So, give the two stitch garter pattern stitch a try and see how you like the rib stitch.


k2to—Knit 2 Together

k2tog tbl–Knit 2 Together Through the Back Loop

k2tog f&b–Knit 2 Together Front and Back- knit 2 sts tog, but do not take them off the left hand needle. Then knit the 2 sts again through the back loops.


Pattern Instructions

  • Step 1: K2tog, leave sts on needle


  • Step 2: Come back around to back side and insert needle into the back loop, K2tog tbl


  • Step 3: Remove both stitches from needle

CO in multiples of 2 stitches.

Row 1: knit gather stitch across

Row 2: purl

Row 3: k1, knit gather stitch to last st, k1

Row 4: purl

Repeat row 1 thur 4