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The Ultimate Fuzz Remover: Product Review–The Gleener

November 27th, 2011


The Gleener, a fuzz remover, can be used on all types of clothing. The Gleener is a one piece 2-in-1 product that has a convenient ergonomic handle which allows you to work without putting too much manual labor into it.

On one side of the slate handle is a large lint brush that removes materials like animal hair and smaller fuzz balls from all sort of fabric. Located on the other side of the handle is a slot for the 3 attachable blades that come with the Gleener.

According to the company’s slogan the Gleener will, “Bring Your Wardrobe Back to Life." The slogan is true, it really works. This product does a magnificent job of removing those annoying pills, or fuzz balls, which accumulate on your clothing whether new or old.

The attachable blades are amazing at removing pills or fuzz balls from sweaters, sock, coats, gloves and many other garments. Using the blades can make your clothing look and feel like new.

Blade number 1, which has a black mesh attached to it, removes large pills or fuzz balls from your wool or wool synthetic clothing. Blade 2 removes medium to large pills and is use on your synthetic blend fabrics like acrylic, fleece, rayon, cotton and polyester. The tan colored blade 3 is used for those very delicate and fine clothing that need that special care such as silk, fine cotton, spandex, natural and synthetic blends.

Overall, the Gleener receives 4.5 knitting needles because it actually does what the company advertises.

* Pattern and product reviews receive a rating in knitting needles. The lowest rated reviewed patterns and products receive a 1. The highest rated reviewed patterns and products receive a rating of 5.