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The Weight, Thickness and Labels of Yarn

June 30th, 2018


Hey Knitters,

When choosing yarn to knit a project, look at the yarn label to determine the type of yarn needed. Also, the range of yarn is listed under the brand name of the yarn.

There is a number category that is listed on each individual skein of yarn from 1 to 6 and it has a 10cm/4inch gauge symbol. The swatch gauge is knitted in stockinette stitch with the recommended needle size.

We will begin with yarn weights which are listed in stages of thickness. Category 1, the super fine yarn, also referred to as fingering weight yarn, for knitting lace and baby garments.

However, the fine weight yarn listed in category 2, known as a light sports or baby sport yarn, is used for a variety of knitting projects.

Thus, the light-weight yarn, referred to as knitting worsted (a generic yarn) is listed in category 3. This yarn is a thicker yarn than the sports-weight and produces a bulkier garment.

A medium worsted yarn category 4 is used to knit Afghans or throws.  For such crafts as rugs or outdoor wear a bulky yarn is required category 5. Super bulky yarn is the last category, which is used for knitting heavy jacket or coat.

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