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Knitted Comfort for the Sole: 22 Innovative Designs for Socks, Slippers & More!
by Lena Maikon

I was looking for something creative, something that wasn’t the “same old, same old” sock book, and when I saw this one, I knew it qualified.

Socks and slippers. Knit and crocheted. Reasonably traditional and radically creative. A little bit of everything, really.

The problem is that it doesn’t always work. Turns out that, when I was thinking “Creative” I was hoping for “Fun” and “New” but not “Weird,” and at least some of these patterns fall into the weird category.

It’s a matter of personal taste, I know.

Some of these socks are lovely, like the mirror image Apple of Your Eye socks, Wonderland of Wool, or the Classic Striped socks. There were some that were adorable and fun. (When’s the last time you saw socks with laces up the front?) Some had some funky embellishments. Some looked kind of uncomfortable (crocheted, lace socks with ankle ties to wrap around your leg?) There are a couple slipper patterns that look very comfy.

But, as billed, they ARE innovative. I worry a bit about socks with so much embellishment, though. Do dangling strands of roving (the socks on the cover) stay on when you wash the socks? Do they turn into dirty dreadlocks? (Not all dreadlocks are dirty, but you know the kind I mean. Some ARE.) Do the cute sheep and rabbits appliqued on get in the way of your pants? What happens when your sock laces come untied?

I should really know better. It’s practical questions like these that keep me from being funky, innovative, and daring with my style choices. I prefer sleeves that don’t dangle and things that don’t need to be fussed with, and the idea of socks that need anything more than the occasional reminder tug into place? This is why I’m nowhere near the cutting edge of fashion.

Which isn’t to say that you aren’t? And for sheer, crazy, exuberant playfulness, this is a great collection of patterns to have. The pictures are good, the instructions seem clear, and there is a handy Table of Contents so you can find specific patterns later on.

Reviewed by Deb Boyken

Deb has been knitting since 1987 and has accumulated quite a collection of knitting books over the years. Her website, Knitting Scholar, can be found at

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