Knitting Book Reviews

Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques
by Margaret Radcliffe

Oh my, may I gush? Itís gauche and unrefined to gush, but Ö wow. If you like using color in your knitting, you really MUST check out this book.

Entrelac. Stranded. Intarsia. Stripes. Two-sided. There are so many ways to play with color while you knit, but simply because there are so many ways to add different colors to your knitting, it gets confusing. Whatís a knitter to do?

Run, donít walk, to find a copy of this book. Itís an amazing reference.

What? Youíre skeptical? Youíre thinking, ďBut Deb, you like almost everything.Ē And itís true, itís rare, rare, rare that I canít find something to like in a knitting bookĖand even the not-wonderful ones took as much work as the wonderful ones. Not finding something to like just seems unnecessarily cruel. But, Iím telling you, this book is fantastic.

First, she touches on every method of using color that Iíve ever heard of. (Or, at least, I canít think of any that she missed.) She discusses color theory and how to judge which colors will go with others. She provides stitch patterns using different color yarns. She discusses ways to use and highlight yarns that are already multi-colored. She provides patterns to highlight various techniques. She gives hints and tips on weaving in ends and avoiding the ďjogĒ at the ends of rows of circular stripes, discusses how to do shaping while maintaining a color pattern. She discusses basic design theoryÖ

This list could get very long. How long? Let me put it another way Ö to give you an idea how many things are covered in this book? The list of references is four full pages long. The index at the back is six pages long.

This is no lightweight book.

Add to all this excellent photos and descriptive, knowledgeable writing. This book is SO worth a spot in your library if youíre even remotely interested in knitting with colors.

Reviewed by Deb Boyken

Deb has been knitting since 1987 and has accumulated quite a collection of knitting books over the years. Her website, Knitting Scholar, can be found at

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