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Intarsia: A workshop for hand & machine knitting Intarsia: A workshop for hand & machine knitting
by Sherry Stuever

This little workbook has techniques and tutorials on intarsia. Intarsia is knitting pools of color with separate little balls of yarn, as opposed to stranded knitting like Fair Isle, which carries the unused color across the back of the knitting.

It's a wonderful look, but the joins have to be done correctly (linking the yarns to avoid a hole) and the edges of the color areas often have problems with gauge, especially with cotton yarns (you get a large-ish stitch when you change colors, on the edge of the new color area. Ugly!)

The book has some exercises and recommends you use a kind of bobbin that snaps down over a small spool of yarn (EZ-Bob) though you can wind your own on cardboard. You won't be expert when you are done with this book, as intarsia takes a lot of practice, but you will have some idea of how to accomplish your knitted pattern and the exercises take away the fear, for the most part. It's my favorite book on how to do this complicated technique but there is no substitute for a lot of practice, sad to say.

Reviewed by Joanna Daneman

Joanna's twitter page can be found at where you can see what she's reading now.

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