Knitting Book Reviews

Phoebes Sweater
by Joanna Johnson

This is an adorable little book.

The first part is the story of a cute little mouse named Phoebe whose mother knits her a special sweater while waiting for her new baby sister or brother to arrive. Its a sweet little story, and the illustrations are wonderful. (Apparently Phoebes mother uses a sewing thimble as her knitting basket, which seems oddly appropriate.)

But then, the second part, are actual knitting patterns, so you can make the sweater for your little girl. Theres also a pattern for Phoebes little toy mouse doll (who is very cute), with her dress and a matching sweater for her, too.

All in all, its a complete package of cuteness. Reviewed by Deb Boyken

Deb has been knitting since 1987 and has accumulated quite a collection of knitting books over the years. Her website, Knitting Scholar, can be found at .

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