Knitting Book Reviews

Knit & Wrap: 25 Capelets, Cowls & Collars
by Nathalie Mornu

If you like cowls and small wraps, this book has 25 patterns that vary from flirty-sexy to warm-cozy.

These are more fashion-forward, with ruffles, fine yarns like kid mohair or interesting folds. My fave was Breathless--almost origami folded neck warmer that could dress up a tweed suit or slacks and sweater. Frivolous is a ruffled moebius style, draping elegantly. Imagine on a charmeuse blouse. These are knits to dress up evening wear (a skimpy shoulder shrug that has no warmth, just loops and oodles of style.) If you are a fashionista who does her own designs and sewing, you will probably love this book. I'd say this is a good book to get ideas, or to follow the directions and create a very stylish accessory. For creature-comfort (warmth, bundling up in snowy weather) I'd suggest a different book.

Reviewed by Joanna Daneman

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