Knitting Book Reviews

Kids Learn to Knit
by Lucinda Guy, François Hall

This is the third book for Lucinda Guy using her beautiful illustrated format and in my opinion, it's her best. The first two books which were project specific for adult knitters and I felt the illustrations strayed a bit to much to the cutesy. But when the intended audience is a child, it's perfect. The whimsy is fun and entertaining and complements the subject perfectly.

As for the actual content, it's awesome. I can easily say that her skills step-by-step instructions are some of the best I have seen for anyone, child or adult, especially her description of a slip knot. Her writing is simple and straight forward and very much in line with the 5-10 year olds this book is geared for.

The projects are also easy and appealing to kids. They are not hats and scarves (very few kids want to make clothes) but are easy toys and school stuff. I love that she shows how to make them different by using different colors or changing the dimensions a bit. The only mini-concern is that she recommends US6's and sport weight for all the projects which might be good for younger kids with smaller hands but I think worsted and US8's may be better the older ones. Still, it's easy to make those substitution with these projects.

So if you have a child who wants to learn to knit, this is the book. I know that I intend to use this book to teach my own 6-year old nephew to knit when he expresses an interest (soon hopefully!).

Reviewed by Allison Linehan

Allison's blog, Neophyte Knitter, can be found at

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