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Nifty Knits for Kids
by Catherine Ham

This book harps on "fun" knits for kids. I think that must be code for "knit the ugliest thing you can think of and throw it on a kid" so it's "cute" and "fun". Actually this book is not that bad. It was just hard for me to get over the first pattern which was this novelty monstrosity. It tainted my sight. I had to look through the book 3 times to see that it really had some good basic kid knits.

The book does have some basic knitting instructions but it's focused more on how to work with patterns, caring for garments and sizing. Obviously the topics focus on kids with one basic tenet, "clothing for kids should be loose and comfortable". So for kid sizing, the author recommends 4-inches of ease for all garments. Also of note is the discussion on yarn substitution which is quite good and thorough. It's much longer than the normal paragraph dedicated to the subject in most books. There is even half a page discussion dedicated to describing how to knit mirror images since many patterns explain the shaping on either the left side or a right side but rarely both. This is a topic that can be confusing to the new knitter.

The book has 30 projects. Sadly the projects seem to use more novelty yarn than normal. Heck they use Mode Dea. Blech.

There are a few basic styles too.

The pattern write-ups themselves are ok. The patterns cover a large range of sizes, in most cases from 3-12 years old. Schematics are given and the projects are knit in main stream commercial yarns - Bernat, Plymouth & Lion Brand.

This book is OK but I don't think it's anything special. There are better kids books to add to ones library.

Reviewed by Allison Linehan

Allison's blog, Neophyte Knitter, can be found at

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