Knitting Book Reviews

Heirloom Knits
by Judith McLeod-Odell

This is a unique book and something that doesn't come along every day in the knitting book world.

The author shows 20 patterns demonstrating knits from every decade starting in 1820. The patterns are combinations of old patterns and new twists on the decade's representative style. Each of them is beautiful and the embellishments are amazing.

Almost every project is a shade of white. It makes for a visually cohesive book. The majority of projects are for the home - pillows, blankets, rugs and the like. What makes them special are the little touches. Everything has these cool fastenings, or edgings or something else.

The pattern directions could have been better. In some cases charts were definitely needed (lace throw). Nothing is more painful for me than lace written out. Still the directions are not horrible, just not the best.

The author also includes a section on embellishments with different borders and edgings so you can customize a "heirloom piece".

My favorite pattern was a quilted baby blanket. It actually inspired me. I plan on putting a very thin batting into the baby blanket I am doing now. It will make a warm blanket but I think it will elevate it to heirloom quality.

This is really a special book. I highly recommend giving it a look, especially if you like to make home projects.

Reviewed by Allison Linehan

Allison's blog, Neophyte Knitter, can be found at

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