Yes, I M A Newb

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Yes, I M A Newb

Postby momrules2 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:56 am

Hi Folks, My name is Rachel, or MomRules2, (but the 2 are grown and gone now, sigh)...

I am disabled - fibro and fatigue... Crochet may be the one thing I do most (besides sleep)... Will be glad to meet any in my boat - and I bet you guys are here! Also glad to meet any who are not in my boat.

In advance - thanks for the patterns and the advice - and if I can answer a question for someone, I'd be glad to.

I'd say I am an intermediate crocheter - finally getting in to all the stitches and patterns above single and double crochet, and granny squares.... for years, I crocheted hats of all descriptions (all single & double), may still have a few around, but I just 'winged' them, honestly - was never really that good at following a pattern and learning the lingo (as a young, healthy person full of energy), but I find now that I am older and more, um, sedentary, I have more patience and willingness to follow instructions, and am all but OD'ing on all the new stitches I'm finding!

so, I am glad to be here.

Cheers, Rachel/Momrules2


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