Post an introduction and meet other forum members,
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Postby ladysjaan » Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:31 pm

:) hello everyone my name is sjaan and im living in a small town called bethlehem
in south africa

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Re: hello

Postby karenjoe » Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:11 am

Hello, Sjaan -

Welcome! This is a very quiet site - I guess everyone's gone over to Facebook! - but it's a nice place to visit. Many nice patterns, and the Knitters Blog contains a number of interesting stitches.

I'm a knitter from New York, and like most knitters I've spoken to, I'm a bit obsessed with it!

We've been enjoying a very rainy and humid summer here - what's the season like now in South Africa?


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Re: hello

Postby ladysjaan » Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:08 pm

hello Karin please to meet you its our winter season over here its cold and dry i love knitting to and a free pattern is allways welcom facebook is big everyone have a fb account i guest have a pleaseant week
sjaan :D

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Re: hello

Postby jenny-pooh » Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:40 pm

Hello, Sjaan

Welcome to a little knitting corner of the world :D I like it here. I don't have fb so I greatly enjoy looking in to see if there is anyone new, or if there are new posts!

The weather here is very nice right now, it gets kind of hot in the middle of the day but it breaks pretty quickly and cools down real nice at night. We got a little rain on Thursday evening, not enough to soak in real good, but just enough to enjoy :)

Well bye for now!

Jennifer Anne
Cuties Craft Corner Blog, stop by for a visit.


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