Website Administrators - Please Fix Your Patterns!

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Website Administrators - Please Fix Your Patterns!

Postby crafty grandma » Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:04 pm

It has been months since the Missed Pattern section of this website has worked correctly. Instead of listing the patterns from the last two weeks, it generates a new list of random patterns everyday. Sometimes these patterns haven't even been listed in the Pattern Of The Day section yet. Today's new pattern actually appeared earlier this week in the Missed Patterns section!

You started out with a great website, but more and more often over the past year, it seems like no one is paying attention or cares what happens here. This probably explains why so few people use it and new users rarely stay very long. Please, if you are going to have a forum, maintain it.

I am also posting this under Discuss Crochet Patterns in the hope that someone sees it.

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