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Alice Sweater Knitting Pattern

Alice Sweater



A “virtually seamless” pullover sweater knit in the round. Created by the Daily Knitter staff.

Sizes: S/M (L/XL)


* 7 (8) Skeins in 005 – N.Y. Yarns Wild Thing (48% Acrylic/21 % Wool/31% Nylon; 1.75 oz / 64 yds)

* Two Circular Knitting Needles – Size US 10.5, 24″ and 16″

* Crochet Hook – Size J

* Stitch Marker

* Stitch Holder

* Knitting Needle


* Gauge – 12 sts = 4″


Creating the Body to Armholes

With circular 24″ knitting needle, cast on 108 (120) stitches. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker on needle to indicate beginning of round.

K4, P4 around for 10 rows K around until piece measures 12 (12″) from beginning.

Shaping the Armholes

On the next round, K 54 (60) stitches and put the remaining 54 (60) stitches on a stitch holder. The stitches on the stitch holder are the front of the sweater and will be worked later.

The stitches remaining on the needle are the back of the sweater and will be worked back and forth now. Turn your work over and P the 54 (60) stitches. Work in Stockinette stitch until piece measures 20 (21)” from beginning, ending with a wrong side (P) row. Bind off all stitches.

Now work the front of the sweater. Place the 54 (60) stitches that are on the stitch holder back on to the needle. Beginning with a RS row (knit row), join the yarn and work in Stockinette stitch until the piece measures 16 (17)” from beginning. End with a right side (K) row.

Shaping the Neck

P 22 (24) stitches, then join another ball of yarn and bind off the next 10 (12) stitches. P the remaining 22 (24) stitches. You now have the 2 shoulder separated each with their own ball of yarn. Continue working across both shoulders at the same time, making sure each shoulder uses its own ball of yarn. Next, follow the instructions below. The # sign indicates you are moving from one shoulder to the other; this is provided to remind you to switch to the other ball of yarn you are working with.

Row 1: K 22 (24), #, BO 2, K 20 (22)

Row 2: P 20 (22), #, BO 2, P 20 (22)

You should now have 20 (22) stitches remaining for each shoulder.

Row 3: K 20 (22), #, BO 2, K 18 (20)

Row 4: P 18 (20), #, BO 2, P 18 (20)

You should now have 18 (20) stitches remaining for each shoulder.

Row 5: K 14 (16), K 2tog, K 2, #, K 2, SSK, K 14 (16)

Row 6: P 17 (19), #, P 17 (19)

You should now have 17 (19) stitches remaining for each shoulder.

Row 7: K 13 (15), K 2tog, K 2, #, K 2, SSK, K 13 (15)

Row 8: P 16 (18), #, P 16 (18)

You should now have 16 (18) stitches remaining for each shoulder.

Row 9: K 12 (14), K 2tog, K 2, #, K 2, SSK, K 12 (14)

Row 10: P 15 (17), #, P 15 (17)

You should now have 15 (17) stitches remaining for each shoulder. Bind off all stitches on each shoulder with the respective ball of yarn.

Shaping the Sleeves

Seam the shoulders of the sweater together.

Use the 16″ circular needles and starting at the bottom of the armhole, pick up 42 (46) stitches around the opening. Place a marker on needle to indicate the beginning of the round, join the stitches, and start working in Stockinette stitch with the instructions below.

Row 1 – 5: K around

Row 6: K1, K2tog, K to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1

Repeat rows 1 – 6, 9 (11) times.

Continue working in Stockinette st until arm measures 17 (18)”.

Now work the cuff. K4, P4 for 10 rounds. Bind off remaining stitches.

Repeat for other sleeve.


Using the size J crochet hook, work 1 row of single crochet on the neck edge.

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