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Angela Wine Knitting Pattern

Angela Wine Bottle Sweater



A wine bottle sweater. Created by the Daily Knitter staff.


* 1 Skein in in Teal – Lang Yarns “Romance” (37% virgin wool / 58% Polyacryl / 5% Polyamide; 1.75 oz / 100 yds) This is a two thread yarn, one thread is chenille and the other thread is mini boucle.

* Small amount of contrasting yarn. (White acrylic used in picture)

* Knitting Needles – Size US 6

* Two Double Pointed Knitting Needles – Size 6


* Gauge – 14 sts = 4″ in Stockinette Stitch


Cast On 30 stitches. Work in a K3, P3 ribbing for 1 3/4″. On next WS row, K2, [YO, P2tog, YO, K2tog] until the last 4 stitches, YO, P2tog, P2. Return to working in K3, P3 ribbing until piece measure 3 1/2 inches from beginning. Now begin working in Stockinette Stitch. After 3 rows, increase in the next row [RS] by [K5, Inc 1] across. Continue in Stockinette Stitch until piece measures 13″ from beginning.

On the next row [RS], Purl across. On the next row [WS], Knit across. These two rows form the bottom edge. To form the bottom:

Row 1: [K2tog, K2, K2tog] across.

Row 2: Purl row.

Row 3: [K2tog] across.

Row 4: Purl row.

Row 5: [K2tog, K2] across.

Row 6: Purl across.

Cut the yarn leaving a 24″ tail. Thread the yarn through the remaining stitches on the needle. Pull tight to draw the stitches together. Use the remaining yarn to seam the bottom and sides together. Using the contrasting yarn and double pointed needles, create and 2 stitch I-cord of desired length. Thread the completed I-cord through the openings in the ribbed top to form a drawstring. Add any desired embelishments with the same contrasting yarn.

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