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Kelly Sweater Knitting Pattern

Kelly Sweater



A chunky, 3/4 sleeve sweater. Created by the Daily Knitter staff.

Sizes: S/M (L/XL)


4 (5) Skeins in Denim 114 – Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (80% Acrylic, 20% Wool; 6 oz / 108 yds)

Circular Knitting Needle – Size US 15, 29″


Gauge – 8 sts = 4″


Make two for front and back of sweater:

Cast On 87 (95) stitches. Turn work, do not work in the round. Knit every row (Garter Stitch) for 7″ (8″). At the beginning on the next 8 rows, bind of 5 (6) stitches. Continue working in Stockinette Stitch until piece is 20″ (21″) or desired length ending with RS row. Knit the next row. Purl one row, Knit one row. Bind off loosely.

Seam the front and back of the sweater together leaving 10.5″ (11″) opening for neck hole.

10 Responses to “Kelly Sweater Knitting Pattern”

  1. Mary Doyle says:

    Does this sweater have arms? It seems to me the pattern only has the body of the sweater. Please advise

    • Amy L says:

      The arms are knit as part of the front and back. There are no separate arm pieces. Makes the pattern very easy to knit!

  2. Tammy says:

    No directions for arms except for arm holes… How many to cast o, decreases ect

  3. Patti says:

    If I wanted to make it a long sleeve, how many stitches would I add & how many stitches would I bind off at the beginning of the 8 bind off rows?

    • Nancy says:

      I just made this sweater with longer sleeves. Simply cast on 143 (s/m) or 155 (l/xl) and knit for 6 inches. Then cast off 6 stitches on the next 16 (s/m) rows or 18 (l/xl) and complete as usual. Hope this helps.

  4. Amy L says:

    There are no real separate arms or arm holes on this pattern. That’s what makes it so easy. It’s just a front and back stitched together. The shaping takes care of the arms and arm holes.

  5. lorraine says:

    I realize it’s just a back & front. How many stitches to add at each side for sleeves and how wide?

  6. This pattern only included the body.
    How many more stitches to do the sleeves and at what point do you start the sleeves (somewhere within the 20 inches)? Pattern needs to be more clear.


  7. Please tell people to start at the shoulders as most people start from the bottom. Then there won’t be any confusiion.

  8. rmpbklyn says:

    if this was a sewing pattern, would it be two T shaped panels, then , stitch two panels of T excluding neck hole ??? which would be 1/2 neck size plus some room to put over face.