Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
1 Button Jacket
NEW! Accordian Cardigan
NEW! Adele Oversized Cardigan
Alexi Cardigan
NEW! All-in-one Knitted Baby Tops
Amy Shrug
Aran Fitted Cardigan
Aran Jacket
Ari Bolero
Arien Cardian
Asymmetrical Jacket
NEW! Autumn Fire
Barn Jacket
NEW! Bolero
NEW! Bolero
NEW! Bordeaux Wrap
Bottom Stripe Jacket
Bovary Kimono
Braided Cable Cardigan
Breakfast Coat
NEW! Breakfast Coat
Brenda Cardigan
NEW! Brenda Cardigan
NEW! Bumpy Jacket and Hat
Bumpy Jacket and Hat
Cable Cardigan Sweater
Cabled Cardigan
Cabled Shrug
Caldo Cardigan
Cap Sleeve Cardigan
Cardigan Baccara
Cardigan Butterfly
Cardigan Coat
NEW! Cardigan Coat
Carina Cardigan
Charlotte Cardi
Chunky Cardigan
Citronel Cardigan
Colinette Coat
Come Cardigan
Cotton Cardigan
Cotton Twirl Bolero
Cropped Cardigan
Cropped Cardigan
Cropped Jacket & Tube Top
Cuff to Cuff
Cuff to Cuff One Button Cardigan
Dasolo Cardigan
Dennis Cardigan
Diamond Cable Cardigan
Draped Sweater
Easy Fuzzy Shrug
Easy Long Coat
NEW! Easy Long Coat
Fair Isle Cardigan
Flower Cardigan
Gala Cardigan
NEW! Garden Coat
Garden Coat
Geometric Cardigan
Hooded Cardigan
Hug Me Tight
Kelly Wrap
Kimono Jacket
Kimono Jacket
Kimono Shrug
Lace and Cable Jacket
Lace Collar Cardigan
Lacey Shrug
Lacy Ruffle Cardigan
Ladylike Jacket
Large Collar Jacket
Layering Shrug
Leda Kimono
Lobito Jacket
Long Line Cardigan
Long Ribbed Jacket
Luanna Cardigan
Meadow Bolero
Mega Fiamma
Mega Stoppino
Men s Irish Cardigan
NEW! Mens Avast Sweater
NEW! Mens Irish Cardigan
NEW! Mens Irish Cardigan
NEW! Mens Irish Cardigan
NEW! Men’s V-Neck Cable Cardigan
Mood Jacket
Mosaic Jacket
Mosaic Stitch Cardigan
Moshup Cardigan
Moss Stitch Cardigan
NEW! Moss Stitch Coat
Nearly Seemless Cardigan
Neutral Cardigan
Nine Dollar Sweater
Olivia Cardigan
One Button Cardigan
Panelled Cardigan
Pearl Cardigan
Peplum Jacket
Peplum Jacket
Plume Shrug
Puffed Sleeve Cardigan
Raglan Jacker
Red Hot Jacket
Reindeer Jacket
Rena Shrug
NEW! Revolution Jacket
Rockport Cardigan
Runway Bolero
Sadie Cardigan
Safire Cardigan
NEW! Saint Denis Cardigan
Sapparo Cardigan
NEW! Sassy Knit Tunic
Shawl Collar Cardigan
Short Jacket
Short Sleeve Cardigan
Short Sleeve Cardigan
Silk Easy Cardigan
Silver Cardigan
Simple Cardigan
Simple Shrug
Single Button Cardigan
Soft Cropped Cardigan
Solaris Cardigan
Sophia Cardigan
Sophia Cardigan
Spiral Shurg
Springtime Cardigan
NEW! Square Verdal Jacket
Starburst Shrug
NEW! Stella Cardigan
Stella Cardigan
NEW! Stella Cardigan
Striped Cardigan
Striped Cardigan
Sullivan Bolero
Summer Cardigan
Swing Cropped Cardigan
Tailored Cardigan
Tailored Jacket
Tank & Bolero
Textured Jacket
Tie Cardigan
NEW! Tie Cardigan
Tie Cropped Jacket
Tie Short Cardigan
Tocco Cardigan
Traveling Cardigan
Turpan Cardigan
Venus Cardigan
Vintage Insipred Cardigan
Vneck Cardigan
Washable Wool Cardigan
Wrap Cardigan
Zip Front Cardigan
NEW! Zip Front Cardigan
Zippered Jacket

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