Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! American Flag Placemat
NEW! Apple Dishcloth
Arch Washcloth
NEW! Army of One Dishcloth
NEW! Autumn Leaf Dishcloth
NEW! Autumn Leaves Placemat
Autumn Leaves Placemat
Baby Bottle Cozy
NEW! Back Scrubber
NEW! Bathroom Rug
NEW! Bathroom Rug
NEW! Bathroom Rug
NEW! Bathroom Rug Pattern
NEW! Bed Cape
Bed Spread
Beer Cozy
Beer Cozy
Big Kiss Dishcloth
Blink Washcloth
Bonbons et Calissons Dishcloth
NEW! Bonbons et Calissons Dishcloth
Book Jacket
NEW! Bookmark Set
Bookmark Set
Boot Jute Doormat
NEW! bootJute Doormat
NEW! Bottle Cozy
Bottle Cozy
Bowtie Dishcloth
NEW! Butterfly Dish Or Face Cloth
NEW! Butterfly Dish Or Face Cloth
NEW! Butterfly Dish Or Face Cloth
NEW! Butterfly Wash Cloth
NEW! Cabin Rug
Cable Facecloth
NEW! Cable Knit Wine Cover
Cabled Pillows
Candle Holder
NEW! Candy Corn Coaster
Carrot Dishcloth
Chair Cover
Chenille Washcloth
Christmas Scarf
NEW! Coaster Set
Coaster Set
Coat Hanger Cover
Coffee Cozy
Coffee Cozy
Coffee Cozy
NEW! Coffee Table Mat
NEW! Color Block Placemat
Color Me Dishcloth
NEW! Colorspun Boudoir Set
Corded Dishcloth
NEW! Cotton Washclothes
NEW! Country Charm Dishcloth
Country Door Curtain
Cupcake Tea Cozy
NEW! Cupycakes Apron
NEW! Dancing Leaves Coasters
NEW! Decor - Aran Sweater Tea Cozy
Diamond Lace
Dish Scrubber
NEW! Dishcloth – Praying Hands
Doily Rug
Dr. Who Dishcloth
Drop Stich Wine Bag
NEW! Dust Bunny
NEW! Dust Bunny
E Dishcloth
NEW! Early to Bed Hot Water Bottle Cozy
NEW! Easy Going Pot Holders
NEW! Eye Pillow
NEW! Fancy Mug Cozy
Favorite Dishcloth
Felted Bath Mat
Felted Flower Pillow
Felted Flower Pot
Felted Plant Hanger
Felted Wine Cozy
Flag Placemat
Flip Dishcloth
Flower Cloth
NEW! Flower Hotpad
NEW! Flower Hotpad
Flower Table Runner
Forget Me Not Flower
NEW! Freezer Pop Cozy to Knit
Garter Slip Stitch Dishcloth
Giant Diamond Placemats
Ginham Check Cloth
NEW! Golden Age Bedspread
NEW! Grocery Bag Holder
Grocery Bag Holder
Hand Cloth
Heart Dishcloth
NEW! Hidden Gems Placemat
Hot Water Bottle Cover
NEW! I Block Dishcloth
NEW! Illusion Knitting Dishcloth
Illusion Place Mat
NEW! Jam Jar Tealight Cosy
NEW! Jam Jar Tealight Cosy
K Dishcloth
Kitchen Mat
NEW! Kitchen Set
NEW! Knit Flower Doily
NEW! Knit Grass Rug
NEW! Lace Hand Towel
NEW! Lace Luncheon Mats
NEW! Lace Luncheon Mats
NEW! Lace Zig Zag Dishcloth
Lacy Dragon Cloth
NEW! Large Lace Doilie
NEW! Last Night Dishcloth
NEW! Leaf Bedspread
NEW! Let Freedom Ring Towel
Lighthouse Cloth
Lime Pincushion
M Dishcloth
NEW! M&M Washcloth
Martini Dishcloth
Mexican Hot Pads
NEW! Mini Coushion
Mitered Diamond Dischcloth
NEW! Mitered Dishcloth
NEW! Monster Modular Bath Mat
NEW! Monster Modular Bathmat
Mosaic Coffee Cup Sleeve
NEW! Mosaic Coffee Cup Sleeve
NEW! Mosaic Squares Pouf
Needles Mark the Spot Dishcloth
No Purl Cloth
Notes Table Runner
NEW! Owl Beer Cozy
Owl Beer Cozy
NEW! Owl Beer Cozy
NEW! Owl Beer Cozy
Owl Coffee Cup Cozy
NEW! Owl Coffee Cup Cozy
NEW! Owl Rug
Pan Handle Cozy
NEW! Party Swag with Stars
NEW! Patriotic Coaster
Pay Day Cloth
Peace Dishcloth
Pencil Case
NEW! Peppermint Coaster
NEW! Peppermint Patty Cloth
NEW! Pretty Pin Cushions 2
Remote Caddy
NEW! Retro Rib Hand Towel
Ribbed Towel Toppers
NEW! Road Rug
NEW! Road Rug
Roman Dish Cloth
Rose Garden Dishcloth
S Dishcloth
NEW! Sawtooth Plate
Sawtooth Plate
NEW! Sawtooth Plate
Shamrock Dishcloth
NEW! Shell Counterpane
NEW! Simple Stripe Rug
Snow Bunny Wine Cover
NEW! Snowdrop Mason Jar Cover
NEW! Snowdrop Mason Jar Cover
Sock Ornament
Soda Can Cozy
Space Face Cloth
NEW! Square Bar Stool Cover
NEW! Star Coasters
NEW! Star Spangled Illusion Placemat
Starfish Cloth
Striped Pillow
NEW! Striped Pot Holder
Studley Cloth
NEW! Studley Cloth
NEW! Tablecloth
Tea Cozy
NEW! Tea Cup Lid
NEW! Tea Cup Pot Holder
NEW! Teacup Half Apron
NEW! Teacup Place Mats and Coasters
NEW! Teacup Table Runner
NEW! Teapot Cozy
Teapot Cozy
NEW! The Almost Lost Washcloth
NEW! Three Sisters Soap Sacks
Tie the Knot Dishcloth
Tiny Pigeons
Toilet Paper Cozy
Traffic Light Cloth
NEW! Twist Rug
NEW! Twists Fringe Rug
NEW! Underfoot Rug
NEW! Underfoot Rug
Vintage Flower Face Cloth
Wavy Discloth
Wine Glass Carrier
Xmas Stocking
NEW! XOXO Coffee Cup Sleeve

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