Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! Ailbhe Fingerless Mitts
Annline Gauntlets
NEW! April May Lace Armwarmers
Arm Warmers
Arm Warmers
Baby Mittens
NEW! Blossom
NEW! Bo Peep Gloves
Borgotta Glovelets
Buggy Mitts
Bulky Hand Warmers
Bulky Mittens
NEW! Buttoned Wristers
NEW! Cable Cuff Mittens
NEW! Cabled Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Diamond Leaf Mitts
Diamond Leaf Mitts
NEW! Dobule Knit Mittens
Elena Mitts
NEW! Fair Isle Caps and Gloves
Figure 8 Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern
Fingerless Mitts
Flounced Mitts
Fur Cuffs
Gingersnap Mittens
Glover Gloves
Godsend Gauntlets
Heart Handwarmers
Infringing Mitt
Jacoby Gauntlets
NEW! Juniper Moon Farm Cortland Fingerless Mitts
Ken Gloves
NEW! Ken Mens Gloves
Kid Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Kingdom Gloves
NEW! Knit Bow Applique
NEW! Knit Bow Applique
Lace Mitts
Latvian Inspired Mittens
NEW! Latvian Inspired Mittens
Leaf Wristlets
Lettuce Arm Warmers
Liberty Wool Striped Mittens
Lion Mittens
Lovikka Felted Mitten
Malabrigo Gloves
NEW! Maplewood Mittens
Maplewood Mittens
NEW! Matrix Mittens
NEW! Meditation Mittens
Men s Fingerless Gloves
Michelin Mitts
Midge Mittens
NEW! One Skein
One Skein Wristlets
Opera Gloves
NEW! Oyster Mittens
Oyster Mittens
Patterned Gloves
Pele Mitten
Peony Handwarmers
Pepper Wristwarmers
NEW! Peppermint Patty Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Personalized Mittens
Pisolo Mittens
Pitts Mitts
NEW! Point Reyes Mitts
Point Reyes Mitts
Purple Skein
Regina Mitts
Ribbed Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Ribby Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Ribby Fingerless Gloves
Roku Mitts
Ruffle Gloves
NEW! Ruffled Wristlets
Santa Fe Wristlets
Sedona Arm Warmers
NEW! Seed Stitch Fingerless Gloves
NEW! Seed Stitch Fingerless Gloves
Serendipity Mittens
Shimmer Wristlets
Silver Button Mittens
Simple Baby Mittens
Simple Handwarmers
Simple Mittens
Snowman Mittens
Spruce Mittens
NEW! Strawberry Mittens
Striped Mitts
Subzero Mitts
Super Bulky Mitten
NEW! Tardis Wrist Warmers
Tardis Wrist Warmers
Thumbs Up Gloves
NEW! Tiny Mittens for Baby
Trunkate Wrist Warmers
NEW! Tweedy Mittens
Tweedy Mittens
NEW! Tweedy Mittens
Two Needle Kid Mittens
NEW! Victorian Fingerless Gloves Pattern
Vintage Allure Long Gloves
Vintage Gloves
Warm Armwarmers
NEW! Whitehall Gloves
Window Pane Mittens
Wintergreen Fingerless Gloves
Wrist Warmer
NEW! Wrist Warmer
Wrist Warmers
Wrist Warmers
Wrist Warmers
Wrist Warmers
Wrist Warmers
NEW! Wristlets
NEW! Yak Hands Mitten Pattern
NEW! Yak Hands Mitten Pattern

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