Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! Case For Eye Glasses with Cord
NEW! Red Velvet Ribbon Cake
NEW! 1840 Nightcap
NEW! 1930 Bra and Panty
NEW! Addictive knit Bows
NEW! Anemone Necklace
NEW! Anthropologie Inspired Bracelet
NEW! Apple Cozy
Arm Warmers
NEW! Arm Warmers
NEW! Autumn Illusion Spa Cloth
NEW! Baby Headband
Band Cuff
NEW! Basket Weave Belt
NEW! Beach Top and Bag
NEW! Beaded Rib Mug Cozy
Beaded Strawberry
NEW! Beats
NEW! Beautiful Choker
NEW! Beautiful Choker
NEW! Bed Socks Felted
NEW! Beginner's Braided Headband
NEW! Berroco Alder
NEW! Berroco Alder
NEW! Berry Trapezoid Earrings
NEW! Bikini
NEW! Bikini Top and Shorts
NEW! Blackberries Dishcloth
Blooming Rose
NEW! Blue Flower
NEW! Bonbons
NEW! Bow Headband
NEW! Bow Pouch
NEW! Brighton Lace Bag
NEW! Bunny Hanger
NEW! Butterfly Plushie
NEW! Cable Bracelet
NEW! Cable Braid Headband
NEW! Calculator Cozy
Calculator Cozy
NEW! Camping Cooking Set
NEW! Carrots and Broccoli
Cherry Pie
NEW! Chevette Necklace
Chevron Bangle Bracelet
NEW! Chic Jacket
NEW! Classic Letterman Jacket
Clerical Collar
NEW! Clerical Collar for Halloween Priest
Cold Flu Mask
NEW! Colinette Tagliatelli Coat
Collar and Cuffs
NEW! Color Stripe Vessels
NEW! Colorful Placemat
NEW! Cozy Colorblock Jacket
NEW! Cozy Fire: a Kindle Cover
NEW! Crayon Crewneck
NEW! Cream Puff Choker
NEW! Cyprus Belt
Daisy Hair Accessory
NEW! Daria Bracelet
NEW! Desert Leg Warmers
NEW! Diagonals Stitch
Diamond Bookmark
NEW! Diamond Bookmark
NEW! Diamond Square
NEW! Ditsy Daisy Hair Clip
NEW! Ditsy Daisy Hair Clip
NEW! Drip Mug Rug
NEW! Drip Mug Rug
NEW! Easter Ornament Trio
Easy Elegant Flower
NEW! Easy Elegant Flower
NEW! Easy Knit Easter Basket
NEW! Eloping Garter
NEW! Evening Allure Sweater
Eye Mask
NEW! Fair Isle Headband
NEW! Father and Son Knit ties
NEW! Felted Beads
Felted Bracelet
NEW! Felted Fortune Cookies
NEW! Felted Fortune Cookies
Felted Fortune Cookies
Felted Glasses Case
Furr Cuff
NEW! Fuzzy Heart Pillow
NEW! Galway Felted Bracelet
NEW! Gams Shorts
NEW! Gardener Headband/Sweatband For Him & Her - Free K
NEW! Gift Card-igans
NEW! Girls Lovely Laptop Snuggler
Gold Club Cover
NEW! Green Sleep Mask
NEW! Grey and Pink iPod Case
NEW! Guitar Square
NEW! Guitar Square
NEW! Guitar Square
NEW! Hair Bow
NEW! Hair Bow
NEW! Hallowig
NEW! Handy Business Card Case
NEW! Happy Ear of Corn
NEW! Head Band
NEW! Heart Shaped Box
NEW! Heirloom Baby Blanket
NEW! Herringbone Belt
NEW! Herringbone Belt
Hot Water Bottle Cozy
NEW! Hush-hush
NEW! International Cat Hat: Germany, Ein Prosit
iPod Cozy
NEW! Ishtar Belly Dancing Belt
NEW! It's a blanket, it's a skirt, and it holds your kn
NEW! Ivy Leaf Cord
Jamaican Wristband
NEW! Jewel Cross Rib Bookmark
NEW! Keeland Bracelet
NEW! Kids' Earth Day Tote
NEW! Kitty Bath Mitt
NEW! Knit a pretty vintage hand towel
NEW! Knit Bow Applique
NEW! Knit Bow Applique
Knit Pizza
NEW! Knit Skunk
NEW! Knit Stars
NEW! Knit Stars
NEW! Knitship Bracelets
NEW! Knitted Halloween Witch
NEW! Knitted Knockers
NEW! Knitted Lace Ball
NEW! Knitted Lace Ball
NEW! Knitted Luggage Tags
NEW! Knitted Wedding Garter
NEW! Lace Ball
Lace Bookmarks
NEW! Lace Scrunchie
NEW! Lacy Sachet
Large Flower Cloche
NEW! Lauren Woven Belt
NEW! Leaf Bookmark
Lichen Kerchief and Bracelet
NEW! Linen Stitch Belt
NEW! Linen Stitch Belt
NEW! Linen Stitch Tie
NEW! Little Arrows Stitch
NEW! Little Chick Bath Puppet
NEW! Little Chick Bath Puppet
NEW! Man Bag
NEW! Maryful Leg Warmers
NEW! Maryful Leg Warmers
Mermaid Tale Bookmark
NEW! meShell Bracelet
NEW! Mini Eggplant
Mini Eggplant
NEW! Mini Key Ring Purses
NEW! Mini Key Ring Purses Knitting Pattern
NEW! Minutia '09
NEW! Mistake Rib Cowl
NEW! Misty Cowl
Molecule Charts
NEW! Mungo Mouse
NEW! Mungo Mouse
NEW! No Wrong Side Bookmark
Norobi Wrap Belt
NEW! Nose Warmer
NEW! Nose Warmer
NEW! Odd Ends
NEW! Odd Ends
NEW! Owl Puffs
Owlet Bookmark
NEW! Paramount Cuff
NEW! Paramount Cuff
NEW! Parisian Arches Lace Bookmark
NEW! Party Necklaces Or Bracelets
Peas in a Pod
NEW! Perdita Bracelets
Pin Cushion
NEW! Pink Punk Legwarmers
NEW! Plethora of Petals
NEW! Plethora of Petals
NEW! Plush Bath Mat
Ponytail Holder
NEW! Ponytail Holder
NEW! Prepschool Tie
NEW! Princess Mitts and Legwarmers
Puffy Center Flower
NEW! Puffy Center Flower
NEW! Pumpkin Pin
NEW! Pumpkin Pin
NEW! Purple Lace Belt
Putter Cover
NEW! Rainbow Hotpants
NEW! Rambler Legwarmers
NEW! Reversible Belt
NEW! Ribbed Lace Bolero
NEW! Ribbon of Hope
Rose Brooch
NEW! Rose Corsage
NEW! Ruched Sleep Eye Mask
NEW! Rugged Camper Cooking Set
NEW! Russian Hat & Stole
Scarf Earrings
NEW! Scarfina Lace Belt
NEW! Scarfina Lace Belt
NEW! Sheri Sweater
Shield Bracelet
NEW! Shield Knot Bracelet
NEW! Sinfully Simple Lace Sweater
NEW! Sixteen Inch Laptop Case
Sleep Mask
NEW! Sleep Mask
NEW! Snow Owl
Sock Earrings
NEW! Soft Linen Lace Belt
Sox Petal Flower
NEW! Spiral Coaster
NEW! Spiral Column Cuff
Spiral Putter Sover
NEW! Spring Tulips
Spring Tulips
Square Earrings
NEW! Square Earrings
NEW! Square in a Square Coasters
NEW! Square in a Square Coasters
NEW! Square in a Square Coasters
Squiggle Beasties
NEW! Star Coasters
NEW! Steering Wheel Cover
NEW! Strawberries
NEW! Stress Ball Buddies
NEW! Sturdy Felt Button
NEW! Sunglasses Cord
NEW! Swatch Bangles!
NEW! Tatted Anklet
NEW! Textured Bookmark
NEW! Thigh High Knit Leg Warmers
NEW! Thigh High Knit Leg Warmers
Tissue Cozy
Tofu Pin Cushion
Torque Necklace
NEW! Torque Necklace
NEW! Touchdown Dance Dishcloth
Trillium Flower
NEW! Trinity Square
NEW! Turnabuoni Necklace
NEW! Tweed Stripes®
NEW! Twist Rug
NEW! Twisted Headband
NEW! Two Green Leaves
NEW! Two Ways One Sweater
NEW! Valentine Knitted Cupid Bow and Arrow
NEW! Victoria Umbrella
NEW! Victoria Umbrella
NEW! Victoria Umbrella
Vine Bookmark
NEW! Wave Belt
NEW! Wavy Feather Bookmark
NEW! Wedding Cake
NEW! Winter Woof Dog Sweater
NEW! Wire and Pearl Cuff
NEW! Witchy Tube Top
NEW! Zig Zag Cardigan

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