Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

NEW! Illusion Tulips Pillowcase
NEW! Improv: Basic pattern for a top-down seamless swea
NEW! In A Wink Baby Blanket
NEW! In Bloom Knitted Bonnet
NEW! Inch Worm Pillow
NEW! Incredible Magic Scarf
NEW! Indy Dog Toy Ball
NEW! Inez
NEW! Infinity
NEW! Intarsia Totoro Chart
NEW! International Cat Hat: Germany, Ein Prosit
NEW! Iron man mitts
NEW! Ishtar Belly Dancing Belt
NEW! It's a blanket, it's a skirt, and it holds your kn
NEW! itty bitty dress
NEW! Ivy Leaf Cord
NEW! Jacket
NEW! Jacqueline
NEW! Jam Jar Tealight Cosy
NEW! Jamaica Reggae Hat
NEW! Jamestown Pullover
NEW! Jeannette Knitting Tote
NEW! Jelly Roll Knitted Washcloth
NEW! Jersey Cushion
NEW! Jersey Cushion
NEW! Jewel Cross Rib Bookmark
NEW! Jim Henson Muppet Charts
NEW! Johannes
NEW! JoJo Dahlia 9" Knit Afghan Block Square
NEW! Jong
NEW! Jong Coat
NEW! Joseph Jacket
NEW! Journal Band with Pen Pocket
NEW! Julie
NEW! July 4th Organic Dishcloth
NEW! Jumbo Pineapple Bag
NEW! Junior Knit Hat
NEW! Juniper Moon Farm Cortland Fingerless Mitts
NEW! Juniper Moon Farm Fair Isle Boot Toppers
NEW! Juniper Moon Farm Gable Wrap
NEW! Just Like Mom Pullover
NEW! Just-the-Essentials Baglet
NEW! Kabak
NEW! Kable
NEW! Katia Summer Backpack
NEW! Katie Bell Baby Cardi
NEW! Keeland Bracelet
NEW! Keep on Truckin’ Baby Cardigan
NEW! Ken Mens Gloves
NEW! Keyboard Purse
NEW! Kid Merino + Little Flowers Shawl
NEW! Kids Vest
NEW! Kids Vests
NEW! Kids' Earth Day Tote
NEW! Kindle Cover
NEW! Kingdom Gloves
NEW! Kitchen Set
NEW! Kitty Backpack
NEW! Kitty Bath Mitt
NEW! Kitty Cat Loom Knit Hat
NEW! Kitty Cat Pattern
NEW! Kitty Purse
NEW! Knecklace
NEW! Kneckless
NEW! Knit a Condom Amulet
NEW! Knit a mohair scarf or wrap
NEW! Knit a pretty vintage hand towel
NEW! Knit a Zig-Zag Necktie
NEW! Knit Amish Puzzle Ball
NEW! Knit Baby Mitts
NEW! Knit Baby Ruffles
NEW! Knit Baby Ruffles
NEW! Knit Baby Ruffles
NEW! Knit Baby Set
NEW! Knit Ball Scrubbie and YouTube Video
NEW! Knit Bow Applique
NEW! Knit Bow Applique
NEW! Knit Chemo Cloche
NEW! Knit Cinched Hat
NEW! Knit Envelope Cardigan
NEW! Knit Flower Doily
NEW! Knit Garter Stitch Baby Hat
NEW! Knit Grass Rug
NEW! knit Gridded Towel
NEW! Knit Hooded Scarf
NEW! Knit Kids Mittens
NEW! Knit Lace Jar
NEW! Knit Lamp Shades
NEW! Knit Lovey Teether
NEW! Knit men's gloves
NEW! Knit men's gloves
NEW! Knit Moebius Wrap
NEW! Knit Monster Baby Booties
NEW! Knit Muk Luks Slippers
NEW! Knit Organiser
NEW! Knit Pouches
NEW! Knit Pouf
NEW! Knit Shawl
NEW! Knit Shawlette Pattern with Video Tutorial
NEW! Knit Skunk
NEW! Knit Smart Phone Case
NEW! Knit Stadium Lapghan
NEW! Knit Stars
NEW! Knit Stars
NEW! Knit Stars
NEW! Knit Stars
NEW! Knit Stars
NEW! Knit Sweet Little Purse

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