Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

NEW! AfterThought Heel Socks
NEW! Aftur
NEW! Ailbhe Fingerless Mitts
NEW! Airplane Blanket
NEW! Airplane Toy
NEW! Albem
NEW! Albem
NEW! Albero 'Odette' Beret
NEW! Aline Raffia Purse
NEW! Aline Raffia Purse
NEW! All Day Beret
NEW! All in the Family Earflap Hat
NEW! All in the Family Earflap Hat
NEW! All Season Cowl
NEW! All-in-one Knitted Baby Tops
NEW! alligator scarf
NEW! Alluring Halter Top
NEW! Alpaca Maya Bolero
NEW! Alpaca Maya Bolero
NEW! Alpace Hat
NEW! Alure Beret
NEW! Amalfi Vest
NEW! AMANO Lupe Cardigan
NEW! Amaranta Scarf
NEW! American Flag Placemat
NEW! American Flag Spiral Hat
NEW! American Girl Doll Summer Lace Dress
NEW! American Star Coasters
NEW! Amigurumi Black Cat Door Stopper
NEW! An American in China Socks
NEW! An Exciting Art Project
NEW! An Exciting Art Project
NEW! Anchors Away Baby Romper
NEW! Andrea Bag
NEW! Anemone Necklace
NEW! Angela Twist
NEW! Angelina - easy trendy cardigan
NEW! Angels Baby Bunting
NEW! Angora Kitty Cap
NEW! Animal Washcloths
NEW! Animal Washcloths
NEW! Anime Style Skirt
NEW! Anisette Cardi Top
NEW! Anitmony Blanket
NEW! Anitmony Blanket
NEW! Ankle Socks
NEW! Anna of Green Cables Hat
NEW! Anouk Pinafore
NEW! Anthropologie Inspired Bracelet
NEW! Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet
NEW! Antifreeze
NEW! Antimony Blanket
NEW! Apple Blossom Placemat
NEW! Apple Cozy
NEW! Apple Dishcloth
NEW! Apple Doll - Amigurumi
NEW! April May Lace Armwarmers
NEW! Aran Leaf Pillow
NEW! Arans Child Sweater
NEW! Archery Beanie
NEW! Architectural Allure Scarf
NEW! Arctic Meadow Stole
NEW! Arctic Snowballs Hat
NEW! Arctic Wrap
NEW! Are you knitting slippers the hard way?
NEW! Argyle Cap
NEW! Argyle Socks
NEW! Arm Warmers
NEW! Armchair Caddy
NEW! Army of One Dishcloth
NEW! Arrowhead Lace Knit Throw
NEW! Arrowhead Lace Throw Knitting Pattern
NEW! Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf
NEW! Arthur Ears
NEW! Aruna
NEW! Ash Toddler Pullover
NEW! Asherton Scarf
NEW! Ashes Shawl
NEW! Ashley Skirt
NEW! Ashley Vest
NEW! Ashley’s Sandals (aka Loom Knit Baby Sandals)
NEW! Aspen Leg Warmers
NEW! Astra - Baby Hood
NEW! At Ease
NEW! Aubrey Lace Shawl
NEW! Aubrey Lace Shawl
NEW! Aubrey Spa Set
NEW! Audrey Hepburn doll
NEW! Audrey Hepburn Tunic
NEW! Auguste Cable and Rib Pullover
NEW! Autumn Artisan Scarf
NEW! Autumn Falling
NEW! Autumn Fire
NEW! Autumn Illusion Spa Cloth
NEW! Autumn Leaf Dishcloth
NEW! Autumn Leaf Shawl
NEW! Autumn Leaves Placemat
NEW! Autumn Leaves Placemats
NEW! Avery Lace Pullover
NEW! Avocet
NEW! Avocet
NEW! Ayla Backpack
NEW! Azteca Poncho
NEW! Azure Socks
NEW! b16-1 Knitted poncho with hood and booties in "Esk
NEW! b20-3 Knitted socks
NEW! Baby Aran Body Suit, Hat & Booties
NEW! Baby Black Cat
NEW! Baby Blanket
NEW! Baby Blankie & Puppy Pal
NEW! Baby Blocks Blanket and Hat Set
NEW! Baby Blocks Blanket and Hat Set
NEW! Baby Bootie Knitting Patterns
NEW! Baby Booties
NEW! Baby Booties
NEW! Baby Booties

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