Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

NEW! Beatnik Boat Neck Pullover
NEW! Beats
NEW! Beautiful Ballerina Snood (Bun Cover)
NEW! Beautiful Beginner Baby Blanket
NEW! Beautiful Choker
NEW! Beautiful Choker
NEW! Beauty of a Basketweave Hat
NEW! Beckham Baby Set
NEW! Bed Cape
NEW! Bed Cape Pattern
NEW! Bed of Roses Baby Dress
NEW! Bed Socks Felted
NEW! Bedford
NEW! Before and After Maternity Sweater
NEW! Begginings
NEW! Beginner Socks Knitting Pattern
NEW! Beginner's Braided Headband
NEW! Bella Baby Jacket
NEW! Bella Baby Jacket
NEW! Bella Swirl Shawl
NEW! Belle Skirt
NEW! Bernat Beachside Knit Pillow
NEW! Bernat Garter Ridged Baskets
NEW! Bernat Little Gnome Hat
NEW! Bernat Pippy Bear
NEW! Bernat Reach For The Rainbow Knit Poncho
NEW! Bernat Take Notice Pouf
NEW! Berroco Admit
NEW! Berroco Alder
NEW! Berroco Putnam
NEW! Berry Trapezoid Earrings
NEW! Best Worsted Socks
NEW! Best Worsted Socks
NEW! Bethany Booties
NEW! Bethany Booties
NEW! Better Dorm Boots for MEN!
NEW! Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks
NEW! Bev's Stay On Booties
NEW! Bias Garter Stitch Square for Knit Your Cables Afg
NEW! Bias Table Mat
NEW! Big Bear
NEW! Big Box Pullover
NEW! Big Boy Outfit
NEW! Big Cables Throw
NEW! Big Collar Sweater Luxury Roving (KFL3)
NEW! Big Collar Sweater Luxury Roving (KFL3)
NEW! Big Comfy Sweater
NEW! Big Comfy Sweater
NEW! Big Fat Bottom Purse
NEW! Big Sky Poncho
NEW! Big Stitch Knit Rug
NEW! Big Textures Hat
NEW! Big Throw
NEW! Bike Handle Covers
NEW! Bikini
NEW! Bikini Top and Shorts
NEW! Bitsy Bear
NEW! Bitty Baby Booties
NEW! Bitty Baby Knit Booties
NEW! Bitty Baby Layette
NEW! Blackberries Dishcloth
NEW! Blanket
NEW! Blanket Buddy
NEW! Blissful Shrug
NEW! Blissful Shrug
NEW! Bloomers
NEW! Blossom
NEW! Blue Box Beret
NEW! Blue Flower
NEW! Blue Ridge Yarns Footlights Sock
NEW! Blue Sky Alpacas Colorplay Rug
NEW! Bluebell ja Rose -kesäpipot
NEW! Blushing Rose Beret
NEW! Bo Peep Gloves
NEW! Boat Neck Poncho
NEW! Bobblicious Shrug
NEW! Bohemian Rose Cardigan
NEW! Bohemian Rose Cardigan
NEW! Bold and Bulky
NEW! Bolero
NEW! Bolero
NEW! Bolero Fringed Vest For Women Knitting Pattern
NEW! Bonbons
NEW! Boneyard Shawl
NEW! Boogie Vest
NEW! Book Mark
NEW! Bookmark Trio
NEW! Boomerang Boot Cuffs
NEW! Bootees
NEW! Booties
NEW! bootJute Doormat
NEW! Boottos and Lace
NEW! Booze Shark
NEW! Bordeaux Wrap
NEW! Borealis Mitered Shawl
NEW! Boucle Cocoon
NEW! Boulder Belt
NEW! Bow Headband
NEW! bow headband
NEW! bow headband
NEW! Bow Pouch
NEW! Bow-TiePullover
NEW! Bowling Ball Bag
NEW! Bows For Headbands And Barrettes
NEW! Boxy Lace Knit Top
NEW! Boyfriend Sweater
NEW! Boy’s Seeded Rib Vest
NEW! Braided Ball
NEW! Braided Cowl
NEW! Braided Cowl
NEW! Braided Cowl
NEW! Braided Cowl
NEW! Brea Bag

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