Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
Autumn Dog Sweater
NEW! Bark-a-Lounger Pet Bed
Buster Dog Jacket
NEW! Carrot Top Cat Toy
Cat Blanket
Cat Cloth
Cat Crescent
Catnip Bunnies
NEW! Chicken Shawl
NEW! Chicken Shawl
Custom Dog Sweater
Dog Cloth
Dog Leg Warmers
Dog Sweater
Dog Sweater
Felted Cat Basket
NEW! Halloween Dog Sweater
Holiday Dog Coat
NEW! Holiday Dog Sweater
NEW! Indy Dog Toy Ball
NEW! Knitted Dog Sweater
NEW! Lady Liberty Cat Hat
Leaf Dog Sweater
NEW! Leo the Lion
NEW! Logs Kitty Turtleneck
NEW! Logs Kitty Turtleneck
NEW! Oh Kermie Dog Collar
NEW! Oink Pig
NEW! Orange Dog Sweater
NEW! Paw Socks
NEW! Penny Dog Sweater
NEW! Prep School Cat Vest
NEW! Prep School Cat Vest
NEW! Puppy Dumbbell Toy
NEW! Ribbed Sweater Dog Vest
Side Button Down Dog Sweater
NEW! Skull and Crossbones Dog Coat
NEW! Teddy Bear Sweater

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