Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! vintage-style cushion
NEW! 13th Street Pillow
NEW! Aran Leaf Pillow
NEW! Bum Chair Cushion
NEW! Bunny Pillow Pal
NEW! Butterfly Pillow
Cable Bolster Pillow
NEW! Chunky Checks
Coffe and Cream Pillow
Colonial Pillow
NEW! Comfort Pillow
NEW! Compass Pillow Knitting Pattern
NEW! Compass Pillow Knitting Pattern
NEW! Curly Striped Pillow
Daisy Cushion
Footsie Pillow
NEW! Free Pillow Knitting Patterns
NEW! Illusion Tulips Pillowcase
Jacquard Cushion
NEW! Jersey Cushion
NEW! Jersey Cushion
Jersey Cushion
NEW! Knit Pouf
NEW! Knit Pouf
NEW! Knitted mohair lace pillows in two variations
NEW! Lace pillows
NEW! Ladybug Pillow
NEW! Monica Pillow
Morning Glory Pillow
NEW! Mustache Pillow
NEW! Nautical Cushion Pillow
Nautical Pillow
Neck Pillow
NEW! Parkrose Pillow
Pillow Cover
Pillows Galore
NEW! Pom-Pom Pillow
NEW! Pompon Pillow Pattern
Sampler Pillow
Stash Buster Pillow
Stripe Stitch Pillow
NEW! Textured Changing Pillows
Textured Pillow
Toffee Cushion
Trellis Pillow
Vintage Pillow

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