Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
Aran Poncho
NEW! Basic Summer Poncho
Beaded Poncho
Big Mesh Poncho
NEW! Butterfly Cocoon Capelet
NEW! Capella Mini Poncho
NEW! Charles Poncho
NEW! Choo Choo Poncho
Cowl Neck Poncho
Diagonal Stripe Poncho
NEW! Easy Kids Poncho
Easy Ribbed Poncho
Full Capelet
Fur Trim Poncho
Girl Bolero
Lace Poncho
Lacy Poncho
Long Poncho
NEW! Lydia Poncho
NEW! Lydia Poncho
NEW! Maia Poncho
Mini Poncho
Mink Like Poncho
Mitered Poncho
Open Knit Poncho
NEW! Open Mesh Poncho Knitting Pattern
Openwork Poncho
Party Capelet
Patterned Capelet
NEW! Pepper Poncho
NEW! Pepper Poncho
NEW! Phyllis Poncho
Poncho Acapulco
NEW! Poncho Knitting Patterns
Rainbow Poncho
Roll Neck Poncho
NEW! Soft and Sophisticated Poncho
Spanish Ponchi
Star Shrug
NEW! Star Shrug
Steppin Out Poncho
Striped Poncho
Vertical Stripe Poncho
Very Easy Poncho
Waves Poncho
Whisper Poncho

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