Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Purse
NEW! 20000 Leagues Under the Sea Purse
NEW! Aline Raffia Purse
NEW! Aline Raffia Purse
NEW! American Flag Spiral Hat
Andrea Bag
NEW! Andrea Bag
NEW! Andrea Bag
NEW! Ayla Backpack
NEW! Backpack Natalie
Bamboo Handle Felted Purse
Beacjcomber Bag
Beaded Closure Felted Purse
Bee iPod Cozy
Big Bag
Big Fuzzy Purse
Boredom Buster Bag
Brea Bag
Bumpy Bag
NEW! Business Card Case
NEW! Cable Handle Tote
Cable Handle Tote
Cabled iPad Sleeve
Cell Phone Bag
Cell Phone Bags
NEW! Chinese Waves Pouch
Click It
NEW! Convey Tote
Cosmic Clutch
Crescent Bag
Crescent Bag
NEW! Darn Good Surjupe
NEW! Darn Good Surjupe
Diamond Elegance
NEW! Dollhouse Purse
Dots and Stripes Purse
NEW! Draw String Trinket Bag
NEW! Easy Cabled Purse
NEW! Easy Tote
Easy Tote
NEW! Entrelac Pouch
Envelope Purse
NEW! Envelope Purse
Eyeglass Case
Fancy Bag
Felted Bag
Felted Bag
NEW! Felted Coin Purse
Felted Purse
Felted Purse
Felted Taos
Felted Tote
NEW! Felted Tote
NEW! Generations Purse
NEW! Green Market Bag
Green Market Bag
Hiroko Bag
Hobo Bag
NEW! Hobo Bag
Horseshoe Purse
Icon Bag
NEW! Icon Bag
NEW! Icon Bag
Illusion Bag
Ipod Case
iPod Touch Bag
Jewel Bag
NEW! Jumbo Pineapple Bag
NEW! Katia Summer Backpack
NEW! Keyring Purse
Keyring Purse
Kindle 2 Cover
NEW! Kindle Cover
NEW! Knit Teen Bag Knitting
NEW! Knitted Bag
NEW! Knitted Beaded Amulet Bag
NEW! Knitted Beaded Amulet Bag
NEW! Knitting Bag
NEW! Knitting Needle Roll
Knitting Tote
Knot Bag
NEW! Know It All Felted Bag
NEW! Lacy Knit Market Bag
NEW! Lacy Knit Market Bag
Lad Bag
Lampshade Purse
Lil Hush Purse
NEW! Lil Hush Purse
Little Black Clutch
NEW! Little Black Clutch
Little Fuzzy Bag
NEW! Little Red Bag
Lucca Bag
Mahjongg Bag
NEW! Man Purse
Margarita Bag
Mini Tote
NEW! Monsoon Bag
NEW! Monsoon Bag
Mosaic Purse
Nook Cozy
NEW! Orange Knitting Bag Pattern
Parrot Purse
PDA Bags
Phone Cozy
Phone Sock
NEW! Pinwheel Purse
NEW! Pinwheel Purse
Pop Tart Cell Cozy
NEW! Purse #2725
Rag to Stitches Bag
Rave Bag
Red Rock Bag
Regeddy Knit Bag
Roll Bag
NEW! Roses Purse
Roses Purse
Seamless Pouch
Shoulder Bag
Silk Purse
Square Bottom Purse
Squiggle Felted Bag
String Bag
Striped Felted Bag
Summer Tote
NEW! Super Summer Backpack
Tennis Ball Bag
Tentacle Bag
Tote Bag
Touch Hand Bag
Triangle Evening Bag
Weasley Cell Cover
NEW! Wedding Favor Bags
Wee Little Bag
NEW! Wendy Tote
NEW! Wendy Tote
NEW! Wendy Tote
Wendy Tote
Wrist Yarn Holder
NEW! Wristlet Purse & Gift Bag
NEW! Yo Yo Tote
Yoga Mat Bag
NEW! Zakka Sac
Zakka Sac

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