Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! 3 in 1 Scarf
500 Scarf
NEW! a la Quest - a Scarf
NEW! Adagio Shawl
Agave Scarf
Airy Scarf
NEW! All Season Cowl
Alpca Warmer
NEW! Amaranta Scarf
NEW! Asherton Scarf
Asherton Scarf
NEW! Aubrey Lace Shawl
NEW! Aubrey Lace Shawl
NEW! Aubrey Lace Shawl
Auumn Scarf
NEW! Auumn Scarf
Basketweave Scarf
Beaded Scarf
Beaudelaire Scarf
Bern Scarf
Betty and Veronica Scarf
Bohemian Scarf
Bora Bora
Botany Scarf
Braid Scarf
Braidy Bunch Scarf
NEW! Bufanda Neck Muff
NEW! Buff
NEW! Buff
Bug in Rug Cowl
Button Scarf
Cable Ascot
Cabled Scarf
Cabled Scarf
NEW! Canaletto cowl
Cats Paw Lace
NEW! Changing Textures Scarf
Charm and Furz
NEW! Checkerboard Lace Scarf
Cherry Leaf
NEW! Cheveron Scarf
Cheveron Scarf
Christmas Cowl
Christmas Lace
NEW! Chunky Man Cowl
Chunky Scarf
Claremont Scarf
Cloud Nine Scarf
Colorful Cowl
NEW! Corset Laced Scarf
Country Cowl
NEW! Country Cowl
NEW! Cowl With Decrative Medallion Knitting Pattern
NEW! Crayon Scarf
Crayon Scarf
Crossover Scarf
Cuddle Me Neck Warmer
NEW! d Pocket Scarf
Dana s Scarf
NEW! Definitely Diagonal Scarf
Desire & Stained Glass
Devereaux Scarf
NEW! Devereaux Scarf
Dewey Scarf
NEW! Double Knit Piano Scarf
Dragon Scarf
NEW! Dragon Scarf
NEW! Drop Stitch Scarf
NEW! Drop Stitch Scarf
Drop Stitch Scarf
NEW! Easy Lace Scarf
NEW! Easy Lace Scarf
Easy Leaves Scarf
NEW! Easy Leaves Scarf
NEW! Easy Peacock Cowl
Eleanor Cowl
NEW! Elizabeth Cowl
Emphasis Cowl
Envy Scarf
Eros Ruffled
Eve s Hooded Scarf
Evening Scarf
Evergreen Scarf
Eyelet Scarf
Fabulously Fun & Fast
NEW! Fabulously Fun & Fast
Fade into Black Scarf
Falls Lace Scarf
NEW! Falls Lace Scarf
False Entrelac Scarf
Fluted Ribbed Scarf
Frills on the Side
Fringe Around Scarf
Fringe Suede Scarf
NEW! Fringe Suede Scarf
Frost Flowers Lace Cowl
Frou Frou Scarf
Fur Collar Scarf
Game Day Scarf
NEW! Game Day Scarf
Garden Scarf
Gates Project
German Scarf and Glove Set
NEW! Goldie Neckerchief
Good Fences Scarf
Gossamer Cowl
Grapevine Scarf
Grey Cowl
Groups of Loops Cowl
Haiti Scarf
NEW! Haruha Scarf
NEW! Haruha Scarf
Haruha Scarf
Hash Marks Scarf
NEW! Heroic Stripes Scarf
His Basketweave Scarf
Honeycomb Scarf
NEW! Honeycomb Scarf
NEW! Honeycomb Scarf
Hooded Lace Scarf
NEW! Ice Queen Scarf
NEW! Illusion Knitting
NEW! Incredible Magic Scarf
Ingram Scarf
Karaoke Cable
Kate Skinny Scarf
NEW! Knitting animal scarves for kids
Knobbly Felted Scarf
Lace Cowl
Lace Cowl
Lazy Links Scarf
Lelogram Scarf
NEW! leloGram Scarf
Lengthwise Scarf
Linen Stitch Scarf
Lion Lace Scarf
Logi Scarf
Loop Stitch Boa
NEW! Lowell Cowl
Lowell Cowl
NEW! Lush Collar
NEW! Madeira Scarf
NEW! Madison Scarf
NEW! Magnolia Scarf
Makin Bacon Scarf
NEW! Man scarf for Christmas
March Scarf
Mead Scarf
NEW! Mead Scarf
NEW! Mead Scarf
Miranda Scarf
Miss Sadie Scarflette
Mitered Square Scarf
Mock Cable Scarf
Montana Scarf
Mosaic Scarves
Moss Scarf
Multi-texture Scarf
Naiad Scarf
Narrow Triangular
NEW! Neck Scarf
Neck Warmer
Neck Warmer
NEW! Nile Cruise Scarf
NEW! Odd Ball Scarf
NEW! Odd Ball Scarf
NEW! Old Shale Smoke Ring
Olympic Scarf
NEW! One Skein Botanical Cowl
NEW! Openwork Diamond Scarf
NEW! Orange Slice Cowl
Osiris Scarf
Palindrome Scarf
NEW! Parallelogram Scarf
Parallelogram Scarf
NEW! Peacock Jewel Scarf
Peppermint Scarf
NEW! Pink Ribbon Illusion Scarf
NEW! Pink Ribbon Illusion Scarf
NEW! Pink Ribbon Scarf
NEW! Poised Pocket Scarf
NEW! Poised Pocket Scarf
Popcorn Deco
Popcorn Party
Populars Scarf
Posh Neck Scarf
NEW! Pretty Striped Summer Scarf
Rainbow Scarf
Raisin Scarf
Rambeau Collar
Red Herring Scarf
NEW! Red Herring Scarf
Reversible Scarflet
Ribbed Cowl
NEW! Ribbed Scarf
Ripple Scarf
NEW! River Birch Cowl
NEW! River Birch Cowl
Romantic Ruffle Scarf
Saigon Scarf
Sampler Scarf
NEW! Scoodie (Scarf and Hood)
NEW! Scoodie (Scarf and Hood)
Seafoam Scarf
Seashore Cowl
Seaweed Scarf
Secret Admirer Scarf
NEW! Seed Stich Neck Warmer
Seed Stich Neck Warmer
NEW! Seed Stich Neck Warmer
Shells & Stairways Scarf
Shells Scarf
NEW! Shoulder Cape
Sidestepping Cowl
NEW! Silk Bamboo - Kerchief
NEW! Simple Lace
NEW! Simple Lace
Simple Lace
Simple Stripes Scarf
NEW! Sizzle Scarf
Skink Scarf
NEW! Skinny Scarf
Skinny Scarf
Skinny Scarf
NEW! Skinny Scarf
Slip Into Scarf
NEW! Slouchy Cowl
Snow Cowl
Snow Scarf
Snowball Scarf
NEW! Snowflakes Mittens and Scarf
Soft & Simple Scarf
NEW! Soft & Simple Scarf
NEW! Soft & Simple Scarf
Soft Neck Warmer
Sparkly Scarf
Spearmint Scarf
NEW! Special Olympics Rib Knit Scarf with Stripes
Spiral Scarf
Sri Lanka
NEW! Stepping Stitches Scarf
Stitch Scarf
NEW! Strawberry Jam Neck Wrap!
NEW! Summer Lace Scarf
Suntrp Lace Scarf
NEW! Sweet Li'l Scarfette
Thin Accent
Tingle Deco
Touch Me
Triangle Net
Tweed Scarf
NEW! Twilight Cowl
NEW! Twin-Leaf Scarf
NEW! Twin-Leaf Scarf
Twist Cowl
NEW! Up the Volume Scarf
Vertical Stripe Scarf
NEW! Vertigo Scarf
Vertigo Scarf
Vine Cowl
Vintage Neck Warmer
NEW! Voila
Wave Scarf
NEW! Welted Scarf
Winter Scarf & Cap
Wishbone Scarf
Zig Zag Scarf
NEW! Zodiac Scarf - Leo

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