Free Knitting Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! Lace Sock
2 Needle Socks
NEW! Adult Felt Slippers
NEW! An American in China Socks
NEW! Ankle Socks
Apple Harvest Socks
Argyle Socks
Ariana Socks
Ashes Socks
NEW! Aspen Leg Warmers
NEW! Autumn Sunset Socks
NEW! Azure Socks
Baby Foot Leg Warmers
Baby Socks
Ballachulish Socks
Ballet Slippers
Basic Ribbby Socks
Basket Case Socks
Basket Weave Toddler Socks
NEW! Basketcase Socks
Bed Shoes
Bed Socks
Beginner Slippers
NEW! Beginners Knit Socks
NEW! Boomerang Boot Cuffs
Bulky Yarn Bootie
NEW! Bulky Yarn Booty
NEW! Bulky Yarn Booty
NEW! Bunny Hop Slippers
Bunny Hop Socks
Bunny Slippers
Cable and Seed Socks
Cable Socks
Cable Socks
Cakewalk Socks
Cashmere Socks
Cenotes Socks
Chevron Socks
Civetta Legwarmers
Classy Socks
NEW! Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Socks for Little Girls
Cobblestone Socks
Cold Outside Socks
Cozy Slippers
NEW! Crazy Monster Eyes Slippers
Cuff Socks
NEW! Diamond Pattern Socks
Dolce Socks
Donyale Socks
Dorm Boots
NEW! Dorm Boots
Double Bubble Socks
NEW! Double-Thick-Any-Size-Odd-ball Slippers
Elf Slippers
Ellekat Leg Warmers
Fa Fa Fa Socks
Fair Isle Socks
Fancy Footies
Feather and Fan Socks
Felted Mary Jane Slippers
Felted Slippers
Felted Slippers
Fishnet Anklets
Flame Socks
Flowery Flip Flops
NEW! Footlights Sock
Fruit Feet Socks
NEW! Fuzzy Slippers
Gramercy Lace Socks
NEW! Grandmas Slippers
Groovy Socks
Heart Slippers
Hearth Socks
NEW! Hearts and Shamrock Socks
Helix Socks
Hot Socks
Kids Socks
Knee High Socks
NEW! Knitting Pattern For Short Row Slippers
Lace Socks
Lace Socks
Lace Socks
Lace Socks
Lattice Socks
Leaves Socks
Leg Warmer Love
Lenor s Slippers
Lighshow Socks
NEW! Little Acorn
NEW! Little Kimono Slippers
NEW! Little Summer Lace Socks
NEW! Lizard Ridge Socks
NEW! Lonnies Sport Socks
Loop Socks
Macho Socks
NEW! Mad Color Weave Socks
Mary Jane Felted Slippers
NEW! Moccasin Slippers
Moccasin Slippers
Moonlight Slipper Sock
Mountain Laurel Toe Up Socks
Namaste Socks
One for the Guys Socks
Peppermint Socks
Phil s Knee Warmer
Pilchard Socks
NEW! Plane Jane Knee Socks
Pom Pom Slippers
Pumpkin Vine Socks
NEW! Purple Legwarmers
NEW! Quick Slippers, Felted Feet
Raspberry Ripple Socks
NEW! Ribs Toe Up Socks
Ruffled Socks
Russian Winter Socks
NEW! Sacha Slippers
Sandia Socks
Sarah Socks
Seamless Slippers
Sean Felted Stocking
Serpent Slippers
Short and Stout
Short Row Slippers
Sideways Socks
Silk Road Journey Socks
Slip Up
Slipper Sock
NEW! Slippers for Him
NEW! Sockies
Socks the Cat
Solstice Socks
Spiral Leg Warmers
Spring Sock
NEW! Strawberry Shortcake Baby T-Bar Shoes
NEW! Strawberry Shortcake Baby T-Bar Shoes
NEW! Stretch Bed Socks
NEW! Stripe Socks
Sydeny Socks
Tiny Socks
Toddler Socks
NEW! Toe Up Socks
Toe Up Socks
NEW! torridToes Slipper Boots
Trail Mix Socks
NEW! Triangle Socks
NEW! trunKate Wrist Warmers
Twirly Leg Warmers
Twist Socks
Twisted Rib Cable Socks
NEW! Two Needle Lace Socks
Wheat Anklet
Width Socks
Wookie Slippers
Yoga Footies
NEW! Yoga Sock
NEW! Yoga Socks, Yoga Socks and Yoga Socks
Zig Zag Socks
Zig Zag Socks

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