How to Keep the Embroidery Thread Without Tangles?

A problem at the time of sewing, and in general, everything that uses thread, is the fact of keeping it comfortable without it getting tangled up.

When this happens it is usually uncomfortable to put it back together, without mentioning that it can create certain inconveniences when mixed with other threads, are things that can disturb, and stress.

In this article, we are going to give you certain keys or aids to keep the yarns settled, when knitting, sewing or mending some garments, as well as to develop different types of embroidery both in clothing and in paintings and any craft work that you want to make.

It should be noted that there are methods that can be used for other things outside of the sewing area, as I will mention later, with a personal example.

Technique #1

To use this method, it is first necessary to obtain a soft drink container, preferably 2 liters, by the width thereof.

This container is then cut in half or by the joints. For this, you can use scissors or knives. Likewise, you also have to make certain tabs so that the container can fit easily.

Once we have the container in these conditions, we proceed to place the thread or the threads inside the bottom of the bottle.

Now, proceed to pass the tip of the thread from the inside out, through the mouthpiece of the top of the bottle.

The packaging is reconfigured, as is, and you only need to pull the thread whenever you need it, and you will be able to do what you want with it without having to worry about getting tangled.

This technique is very useful because it does not require extremely complex things, but things that are easy to acquire.

The trick allows you to mobilize it to any area you want either inside or outside your home.

A modification of this technique can be used by other types of containers; they can use ice cream containers to perform this type of technique, where all they have to do is making a hole in the lid of the container.

You go through that opening the tip of the thread covered and ready. You have a homemade wire holder, which can move anywhere without any problem.

Another way of doing this is with a napkin holder, specifically, those that have the wooden stick in that place.

The thread is placed, and in the same way, you can only pull the tip. It will go out without getting tangled.

The only thing is that it is not as comfortable as with the ice cream container or with the soft drink container.

The advantage of this form is that no matter where you go, you can continue with your fabric, you can transport it to the place you want, such as a bench, a park, the dining room, a swimming pool, without worrying about the thread being entangled in your purse, or in the place where you keep the threads.

Do your passion for sewing whenever you are here, and you already learned a way to do it.

Technique #2

This technique is quite simple, I myself have used it particularly with the yarn to wrap buns.

It is a very interesting technique that consists of placing two chairs in parallel with a distance of 1 meter.

The thread begins to turn through the chairs, which allows the thread already to be unraveled, and can do with it, the activity.

In my case, what I do is that the peak ensures that the distance that is in the chair.

It is correct, in such a way, that I do not waste thread, but I do not miss either, later on, every double I cut it, and I have several strokes of threads ready to wrap, the banana leaves and put to cook the buns.

For the case of the fabric is usually used by placing the needle on end and as it is finished is used, at the time of finishing is repeated the same procedure until they finish the process of embroidery.

Another use is for macramé, or manual fabric is widely used, to be clear about the amount of yarn to be used, not to waste yarn.


The thread can be a problem as we have seen, however with these two techniques, we can prevent this from becoming entangled.

There are numerous activities that we can do with it, and using everyday utensils which in some cases can seem like garbage, we can reuse them to make our life easier.

Whether it is an ice cream container, a couple of chairs, a soft drink container, knitting is a pleasurable thing.

Since the thread of knitting will never cause me stress, or with this verse what I did with a lot of effort.

I say goodbye, and I hope these techniques are to your liking.

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