DailyKnitter.com Crossword Puzzle


2. Knitting in the round needle type.
4. Type of wood needles.
7. Compactly twisted woolen yarn.
9. A prefect first project.
14. CC
15. Joining two knitted pieces.
17. As if to purl.
18. Used for socks.
19. Adds embellishment.
20. Shaping.
24. MC
25. Produces a rough texture fabric.
26. As if to knit.
28. A blanket.
29. A requirement for felting.


1. WS
3. Like rows but in circular.
5. Treated to prevent felting.
6. Unusual yarn.
7. It makes for easy felting.
8. Knitting group.
10. RS
11. Instructions.
12. Knit all rows.
13. Hot water and agitation.
14. Summer yarn.
16. Another term for felting.
21. Not commercial yarn.
22. Starting a new skein.
23. After a knitting mistake.
27. Needs a special needle.

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